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    Halekulani is the best? hotel in Hawaii.



    We went to each place.

    YANAH 2

    We build a tent on that quiet place.

    Dream happening

    Find building materials at home center.


    We arrived at Yanah 's forest.


    The key is closed. The key of the car is in the car.

    La Hiki Ola KAVA BAR

    We went to Tin shack Bakery and KAVA BAR.


    He listened our idea.

    Rain town

    I decided to make it here when I saw the city of Hilo.

    Volcanic rock

    Hawaii island is called the Big Island.

    Waikiki Beach

    We imagine the style of our house.

    Acai bowl

    We arrived in Hawaii.


    Kansai Airport is called KIX.

    All are equally beautiful

    You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down.

    Be sexy

    I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.


    We will go to Hawaii in three more days.

    Tear down

    April showers bring May flowers.

    Have a good one

    We are glad to meet you.


    Here's looking at you, kid.


    The show must go on.


    All grown-ups were once children.

    From North earth

    We like to go outside.


    Bless you.


    Walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

    ’Ole Ua,’Ole Anuenue


    There is rainbow because there is rain.

    The blessings

    Shall we eat something?

    Vernal equinox

    We have morning coffee, afternoon tea, evening star.

    zero‐field absorption

    We meet a person and meet oneself.

    Gather & Distribute

    We went to each place.

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